Chemical Processing

Sealing Solutions for the Chemical Processing Industry

Draco offers high-performance sealing solutions for a wide range of chemical processing applications, including
pumps, valves, reactors, flange joints, pipelines and more. By combining inventive products with
unmatched service, we deliver sealing solutions that improve plant productivity, reduce costs and comply with increasingly stringent environmental regulations.

Commercial Marine Industry

We offer mil-spec packings, gaskets, seals, and American Bureau of Ships approved products. Please contact us for more information and how we can solve your sealing challenges.

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Food and Beverage

Sealing Solutions for Food and Beverage, Brewing & Bottling

Our food-grade products are built with high-quality, safe materials that are designed to minimize process leakage,
protecting products while they’re being made, and also reducing costly repairs and downtime. Featuring exceptional
wear resistance, our food-grade gasket and sealing products withstand extreme temperatures, aggressive
materials, and vigorous cleaning. Our extensive line of products covers the entire packaging process, from
beverage and food pumps, to brewing and bottling pipes and fillers.

Hydrocarbon Processing

Draco plays a major role in providing sealing solutions for the Hydrocarbon Processing Industry. Our products and technical expertise can help you cut costs, improve efficiency and reduce downtime to ensure uninterrupted production.

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Oil and Gas

Draco programs for the Oil & Gas industry include VOC and emissions training, comprehensive plant sealing, and specialty projects. For specific product recommendations and information, please click here.

Power Generation

Draco offers advanced sealing solutions for the varied needs of power generation industries, With a vast catalog of sealing products, we offer solutions based on the specific demands of the market, including high-temperature seals, flange gaskets, rotary seals and much, much more.

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Primary Metals

Durable, reliable and high-performing, our products help to improve efficiency, lengthen bearing life and reduce maintenance
time and costs. The result is greater productivity, increased efficiency and improved profitability.

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Wastewater and Water Treatment

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Additional Information
For more information on products for fluid sealing and transport and on environmental compliance, please visit the links below.

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