Tribute Customer of the Quarter: Draco Mechanical Supply

By Ryan Jester, Purchasing/System Administrator, Draco Mechanical Supply

2010 marks the completion of 40 years in business for Draco Mechanical Supply, St Louis, MO. A fifteen person business that manufactures and distributes gaskets and associated sealing products to the Midwest industrial market, Draco is a longtime member of ISD, the International Sealing Distribution Association.

news1An authorized distributor for Garlock Sealing Technologies, DuPont Dow-Kalrez, Flexitallic, EagleBurgmann and Gore Industrial Products, Draco also carries General Rubber, Fluidtec, and Teadit, among other fluid sealing manufacturers.

Draco also offers technical expertise by performing surveys on equipment such as pumps, mechanical seals, valves and expansion joints and conducting failure analysis of mechanical seals. Draco staff will recommend what

replacement parts are needed and can conduct training to help end users determine what sealing technologies will work best with their specific applications.

Draco started as a 3 person business with less than $200K in sales in 1970 and enjoyed steady growth through the 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s in sales, profitability, and number of employees. Due to a flattening sales and profit curve brought on by a declining industrial customer base in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, ownership began to make changes in the business.

In the last six years Draco has made substantial investments in equipment to gain efficiencies and we now represent several new product lines. With these changes in place, we were able to complete our sixth record year in a row in sales and margin, growing 33% during this period, with a net decrease in personnel.

news2The acquisition of a Flashcut dieless knife cutting table allows Draco to do accurate dieless cutting with precise control, high speeds, and a high degree of safety, servicing the customer much faster.

The Draco website provides a wealth of technical information for our customers on gasket selection and installation, factors affecting gasket performance, load and torque data, chemical resistance tables, as well as specifications on material and temperature limits and thicknesses and tolerances.

Draco has been using Tribute since 1994. Much of our growth would not be possible without efficiencies in our ERP software. The Tribute software’s quick ability to enter and access information and generate relevant reports has helped carry us forward in what most would call tough economic times. The fact that Tribute’s early roots lies with industrial distribution of fluid power and handling products has proven beneficial with their support of Draco on special requests and understanding our specific needs.

Draco Mechanical Supply, Inc.
8029 Litzsinger Road – St. Louis, MO 63144
Local: 314-781-8200 ♦ Toll Free: 1-800-732-5669

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