Compression Packing



Our large selection of pump and valve packing is designed to give the user the greatest return on initial investment in terms of leakage control, service life, and dependable, cost-effective product. 

To find out more about Compression Packing, click here to view the downloadable PDF.

A quick overview of the details contained within the PDF, including page numbers, are listed below.

Packing Products Offered

  • Graphite Packings (A-2)
  • Expanded PTFE and Graphite (A-3)
  • Valve Packings for Fugitive Emissions Service (A-3 — A-5)
  • Valve Packing Accessories (A-6)
  • Nuclear Applications (A-7)
  • Seals for Rotating Service (A-8 — A-9)
  • Carbon Packings (A-10 — A-11)
  • Soot Blower Sets (A-11)
  • General Device Packing (A-12)
  • PTFE Packings (A-13)
  • Flush Water Prodcuts (A-14)
  • Abrasion Resistant Aramid Fiber Packings (A-15)

Engineering Guidelines

  • Style Selection
    • Index (A-16)
    • Packing Materials (A-20)
    • Construction (A-22)
    • Material Selection (A-23)
  • Effective Sealing
    • Equipment condition (A-24)
    • Installation instructions (A-25)
    • Testing (A-27)
    • Gasket spacers (A-28)
    • Gland load (A-28)

Technical Data

  • pH Values (A-29)
  • Common Oxidizers (A-29)
  • Bolt Torque Table for Die-Formed Sets (A-30)
  • RPM/FPM Conversion Table (A-31)